I am a product design consultant in Long Beach, California, specializing in providing entrepreneurs, inventors, and small businesses efficient and affordable solutions for all their design needs.  I am experienced in conceptual design, product development, CAD, and product renderings.  Mockups, prototypes, 3D printing, and limited manufacturing/vendor relations are other services I can provide.

I enjoy the opportunity to help inexperienced customers to understand the design and manufacturing process.  It can be a complex journey of questions and compromises, but one which even a novice inventor can still navigate with the right information.


I founded my consulting practice in 2006, specializing in CAD and concept design.  Since then I have helped dozens of clients to bring their ideas to life.  My designs have been featured in online articles, corporate brochures, and tradeshows.

In addition to my consulting practice, I also teach product design at California State University, Long Beach.  I instruct on advanced uses of design software, but also on how technology and machinery (such as 3D printing) is used for prototyping and manufacturing.  I endeavor to be an ambassador of design to both my students and my clients.  ​

Let me help you get that idea out of your head and onto paper where others can understand it.

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de·sign proc·ess

/dəˈzīn prōˌses/

The design process is an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable sections, and further identifying aspects which require problem solving.

typical design stages



CAD and


Manufacturing Documents

Market and





Mockups &


The process of creating a new product presents many challenges. It can be time consuming, expensive, and often frustrating. Having a knowledgeable designer to guide your experience will help with these challenges.

The design process is highly fluid. While designers try to assign stages to the process, creativity and problem solving are often not a linear path. Phases sometimes need to be revisited, with revisions and improvements being common.

The designer you choose to work with should be someone whose past experience allows them to offer you advice and options, letting you control the project direction but extending guidance as needed.

what to expect

contact me by email or phone

how to proceed

send an NDA for me to sign if you prefer

we'll schedule a call to review and discuss the project

I'll send a proposal outlining suggested phases and an estimate of hours per phase

transparent pricing

my rate is $60 per hour

I believe in transparent pricing.  I've always appreciated it when I purchase services, and my own client's have always seemed to appreciate it from me. 


The simple fact is I don't enjoy negotiating.